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Insurers of AD2 Logistics vehicle fleet


Rush Messenger Service (Collection within 30 minutes)

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When your normal service just doesn't cut it any more, call AD2 Logistics to try something new. We offer an affordable and unbeatable same day UK & local rush messenger delivery service. There is no next day with us. We go above and beyond what other delivery companies offer, because your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are the only company in Hampshire that offers the rush messenger facility and our staff pride themselves on being professionals and offering the best possible service. Our drivers are professional and every delivery is fast, efficient and on time, all the time!


Our clients trust us to provide the highest quality of service. All of our drivers work for AD2 direct and are fully vetted. We do not use subcontractors, or third party drivers,This ensures that our associates are not cutting corners and are operating to our high level of expectation and they understand how important your delivery is and will do everything in their power to make sure you have the best possible experience when shipping your items with our service.


At AD2 Logistics we will go above and beyond your expectations because our customers are valuable to us. As a client you need us to be dependable, reliable and flexible as well as offering affordable rates. No more filling in forms/applications or waiting for emails on quotes, or having

to login and waiting for someone to get back to you. No pricing by weight and size. With AD2 Logistics, all the prices are in front of you with no hidden costs and no matter what quantity or weight, you just pay the mileage rate. There is no waiting for next day with AD2 Logistics. The words ( NEXT DAY DELIVERY) does not apply to us.


We serve the following businesses and industries:


Builders and Engineers

Bank and Financial

Automotive Industry

Legal and Accounting

Apparel & Textile

Electronics & Technology

Agricultural & Industrial Equipment

Antiques, Fine art & High-end Valuables


When it comes to same day uk, & local rush messenger deliveries we are one of the fastest and best with the lowest rates. We can have a driver at your door within 30 minutes for all local deliveries in Hampshire. Our reliable, stress free service eliminates much of the online

paperwork, deadlines, form filling and restrictions that come with using bigger companies.



Give us a call today to discuss all your logistic needs!

Insurers of AD2 Logistics vehicle fleet

Rush Service Collection in 30 Minutes

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Lowest same day rates in the Uk

Bookings  0203 633 4825 / 07583 152328

No  online forms!

No  subscription/login!

No  waiting for quotes!

No  signing up for an account!

No  pricing by quantity!

No  pricing by size and weight!

Yes just pay the mileage rate!

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Try our European 24 hour rush service


All vans fitted with onboard mobile payment facility